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MKS Instruments is a global provider of instruments and solutions to measure, monitor, deliver, analyze, power and control critical parameters in advanced manufacturing and research applications. Spectra-Physics, Ophir and Newport are brands within the MKS Instruments Light & Motion division.  Spectra-Physics combines groundbreaking laser technologies with deep application expertise to deliver industry leading lasers for precision industrial and scientific research applications. Ophir specializes in laser and LED measurement products, including laser power and energy meters and laser beam profilers. Ophir also provides high-performance IR thermal imaging lenses and optical elements as well as optics for CO2 and high-power fiber laser material processing. Newport provides a full range of solutions including motion control, optical tables and vibration isolation systems, photonic instruments, optical and opto-mechanical components. MKS Light & Motion solutions enhance our customers’ capabilities and productivity in the semiconductor, industrial technologies, life and health sciences, research and defense markets.



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